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Kamtech is offering advanced big data and business intelligence tools to diverse data sets in real-time. We provide Big Data Analytics Services to get faster and more effective results.

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Big Data Analytics Services

Top Big Data Analytics Services Company

Being a Big Data Analytics Service providers, we assist organizations to integrate BIG Data into their business to beat business challenges. We help businesses to make smart decisions faster than their competitors. Our smart and dedicated team uncovers key business perceptions from your organized data.

We use BDaaS resources to adopt the advantage of the data management system. BDaaS (Big Data as a Service) is a cloud provider tool that helps to manage large and complex data in a very simpler way. Big data analytics as a service is an adopted trend by most enterprises.
Big data Analytics does not encompass a single technology. We use various tools or technology such as NoSQL database, Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, Mapreduce, etc.

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Data-Driven Big Data Analytics Services

Kamtech Big Data Analytics Services help to maximize the data value and achieve business goals. You can understand how your business is doing in the marketplace with the help of our customized big data services.


IoT Analytics Solutions

Our IoT Analytics Solutions use the IoT cloud to turn IoT data into actionable and powerful insights for your business. It can also handle the quality of service within real-time operations.


Enterprise Data Analytics Management

For various enterprises, we facilitate creative strategy and next-generation analytics empowered applications. We build a data governance model in a safe and secure environment.


Real-time and Predictive Analytics

To process large-scale data sets, you can leverage our real-time and predictive analytics solutions to make business decisions quickly. This Big Data Analytics Service is based on the predictive model.


Data Visualization Implementation

Our Data Visualization Service provides a data visualization strategy to interact with data sets. It makes an easy complex relationship with the data.


Artificial Intelligence Analytics

The Artificial Intelligence Analytics Service of kamtech is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses to related pattern detection, text, & data mining.


Advanced Analytics & Data Science

You can perform faster data validations with Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences Solutions. Our Analysis experts use distributed architectures and advanced data modeling techniques.

Technologies we use

We help you to establish a business reputation through the trending Big data technologies.

  • Hadoop
  • MongoDB
  • Rainstor
  • Hunk
  • Presto
  • RapidMiner
    Rapid Miner
  • Elastic search
    Elastic search
  • Kafka
  • Splunk
  • Spark
  • R-Language
  • Blockchain
  • Tableau
  • Plotly
  • TensorFlow
  • Beam
  • Docker
  • Airflow
  • Kubernetes

User-Centric Big Data Analytics Process

Big Data Analytics easily handles a large amount of data by improving insights and services. Our Big Data Analytics Process contains Data Collection, Data Processing, Data Cleansing, and Data Analysis.

Industries We serve

No matter which industry you choose for mobile applications, our experts know how to give the best mobile app development services in Bangalore.

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Our Beloved & Precious Clients

Rajasthan Foundation

District Map

Rajasthan Foundation, an organization set up by Government of Rajasthan that works in the noble direction of strengthening bonds between Non-Resident Rajasthani community.

Development of interactive GIS Map to show Key Performance Indicators of Rajasthan and all of its 33 districts. Gathering Data from Govt. sources and analysing data for KPI.

Some of the KPIs include availability of minerals, Public infrastructures, Food grains, key tourist places, industries (large, medium, small), education sectors among others.

The dashboard will be integrated with existing Rajasthan foundation website.

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Why Big Data Analytics is popular in 2022?

Big Data Analytics Techniques implement on extremely high volume datasets to generate business insights. It includes the pre-defined templates to process structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.
Big Data analytics provide competitive advantages such as confident decision-building, asses optimization, reducing the cost, improving customer engagement, and exploring the new revenue streams.
We use numerous types of analytic tools such as SQL queries, Data mining, Statistical analysis, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and many more.
It is an Apache Hadoop software library used for distributed processing of large-scale data. It is written and most popular these days. It has the capability to handle the data of thousands of exabytes.
Being a reputed big data analytics services company, we provide support and maintenance for the long-term duration.