Mobile App Ideas for Travel Business

A decade ago, we did not depend on mobiles for our day-to-day needs. For instance, Google Maps launched their iOS app a decade ago in 2012 when we didn’t even know how to best use it. But now in 2022 we use Maps on a daily basis especially when traveling to a new location or city. Today we use a mobile app for our every basic need, such as ordering groceries, booking a cab, dating, exercising, reminders for drinking water/taking pills, and many other things.


Travel no doubt is a passion for some but a necessity for a lot of people: This is the major reason why this industry is flourishing over time and why businessmen in the Travel Industry want to shift their business online. Creating your mobile app is better as it offers some amazing features like quick flight booking, hotel booking, providing a tour guide, and of course the online payment option, etc. Consumer research also shows that the number of mobile transactions has risen exponentially high post the pandemic.


Having a mobile app is important to catch the attention of the current generation. Before creating a travel app, you should figure out the demands of your target audience. After all, you are designing this app for them, so it is important to keep in mind their needs. There are already several apps in the marketplace you need to ensure that you provide an app that is best suited to audience interest. In a nutshell, it can be said that having mobile app ideas for travel business is important to create a successful travel app.

Market Statistics


A study says that 60% of smartphone users prefer using a mobile app for planning their leisure tours. In the travel category, in 2022 alone there have been 1.48 billion app downloads^ globally across different platforms (iOS & Google) This data clearly shows how the graph of the tourism industry is continuously rising and witnessing constant growth and becoming popular among the masses.


The travel industry also has many sub-industries. No doubt it is an area to earn profit. But for making an efficient travel app you must have some amazing travel app ideas. If you don't already have an idea, fret not, we have compiled a list of the top 10 mobile app ideas for travel business, read on. 


10 Mobile App Ideas for Travel Business


Having a set of ideas or frameworks can make the journey to develop a travel app exciting for you. Let's look into some unique travel app ideas:


An app that provides unforgettable experiences: People travel around the world for different reasons. Some travel for business purposes, some travel for exploring new places while others travel for spending some quality time with family and friends. But what they all remember and cherish at the end of their travel are memories and unforgettable experiences. 


This type of app can be developed keeping in mind all these aspects. It accommodates the services that are tailored to the needs of its niche audience and ensure that they have a wonderful experience.


App for finding the nearest fuel station: Not all travellers want to book a cab. Mostly they want to explore the places on their own. With so many car and vehicle rentals available these days tourists prefer to rent a vehicle. But they might be caught in a situation where they need to refill the fuel tank of their vehicle. And due to a lack of information/internet connectivity, they face difficulty finding a nearby fuel station especially in countries like India where petrol pumps or gas stations are not all marked on Maps and highways have poor internet connectivity. This app can keep a track of the nearest fuel station and would be very beneficial to users in tough situations or no network areas.


Transportation booking app: This will smoothen the journey of the user. As he would not have to wait for any sort of transport during his/her journey. Starting from booking a flight ticket to their journey to/from the hotel, and even booking a hotel room, it is just a touch away. Not only this, but it should also facilitate the user during his entire stay.

Also, allow them to track the transportation on the app by providing a map and destination route. You can also share weather-related details. It will ease them in choosing the perfect weather/atmospheric mode of transport to travel. 


Audio tour app: It functions like an audio guide. It gives you a personal tour guide-like experience wherever you go. Audio tour mobile app covers the most interesting attraction in the city, such as a museum, gardens, cafes, restaurants, etc. Using this app the users can download tours in advance and access the tours and maps.


City tour guide: This is useful and interactive for users who are travelling to cities. It provides easy access to the information on a tap to its users. It serves as a great companion to travelers seeking cultural and historical information about the landmarks of a city.


Multi-language app: Usually the communication itself becomes a hurdle when traveling to a new city. This type of app helps overcome the obstacle and serves you with the best travel experience. It could help you comprehend and translate different languages and make your journey easier.


An app that offers the best deals: Another important travel app idea is to help users find the best deals on accommodation, flights, food, local shopping, events etc. 


An app for tracking vacation budget: It is extremely important to keep a track of the money. Sometimes people travel in a group but end up messing their budget due to poor planning. This would help such people manage their money. Along with this, you can add a feature that recommends suitable and affordable locations. So that people with a low budget can also enjoy their trips to the fullest. It will make it easy to plan a trip for a group of friends without worrying about their budget or fights over money mismanagement. 


An app that locates kid-friendly locations: The preferences of kids always differ from those of adults. Travelers do want to take care of their kid's comfort while traveling. An application that helps them find a kid-friendly place would be a great idea. You may include babysitting services, list of nearby amusement parks, game zones, entertainment hubs, kid-friendly cafes/eateries, kids clubs, etc.


Travel Insurance: This is another important idea among mobile app ideas for travel business. This will automatically grab the attention of the users. With this, they can easily contact an insurance company and file a claim during their vacation in another country. Furthermore, this will provide additional benefits such as real-time access to medical support while traveling.


If you are looking for travel app ideas to build your dream app, you can consider the above-mentioned points. Feel free to reach out to us to brainstorm more such ideas with a professional that can guide you from idea to execution. 

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