JavaScript Framework for Web Development

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that has been powering the web for twenty-five years now. It supports several programming styles such as event-driven, functional, object-oriented, and prototype. 


Traditionally it was used as a client-side programming language, now it is also being used by the server side. In short, it is a language of the web. Currently, more than 1.9 billion websites are running on the internet among them around 97% use JavaScript. Here, we'll explore the various JavaScript frameworks for web development. Starting with what a JavaScript Framework is.


What do you infer from JavaScript Frameworks?


JavaScript Frameworks are the vessels strengthening a programming language to bring out its best with little to no configuration. JavaScript frameworks for web development have been the preferred choice both on the front and back end. 


It has taken the lead whether it's about developing dynamic websites or web-based applications. Where JavaScript provides the foundation ground, the responsibility of beautifying materials is reserved for JavaScript frameworks.


It is a bunch of JavaScript code libraries, which saves the time of web developers by availing the pre-written codes in their programming. It leverages you with benefits like a template that will handle programming patterns.  


While developing an application using frameworks, you can export the feature codes from the framework libraries instead of writing the same code again. Its best thing is it has a plethora of ready-made modules and features that are required to develop JavaScript applications which will give a head-start to the developers. 


Why is JavaScript preferred by developers?


If you are a software developer, you must understand the preference given to JavaScript and why it has become the most popular programming language. JavaScript frameworks are programming libraries that have pre-written code used for standard programming tasks. 


You can easily code and develop applications without JavaScript frameworks, so why do you need them? Because a well-selected framework reduces the workload and makes it flawless. They are free and open-source, in this way you don't risk your money and can give it a try fearlessly.

It will boost your productivity and save you time with the pre-written and ready-to-use functions and patterns. JavaScript frameworks are more adaptable for website design, that's why they are preferred by most developers. Just like, fitness freaks love the gym and a chef loves cooking food, the same way the community of developers loves JavaScript frameworks. 


It has remained their number-one choice because it is constructed with model/view isolation, unlike any other programming language. JavaScript provides you with the comfort of object-oriented programming ideas and makes web pages more intuitive and interactive. 


Developing web applications from scratch is very time-consuming, it takes a lot to design an app from start to completion. The frameworks or more accurately JavaScript frameworks take advantage of the common set of properties in web apps and generate pre-written JS codes which makes the overall development process much easier.

JavaScript Frameworks list for Web Development


JavaScript frameworks are used for all programmers and are preferred for flawless web development or cross-platform app frameworks. Given below is the JavaScript frameworks list for Web Development, that you can consider for developing software applications:




React is the current leader in the JavaScript framework for Web Development. It is easy to learn, reusable, and SEO friendly. It was introduced by Facebook. It's a very efficient, declarative, and open-source JavaScript library for designing smooth and rich-featured web apps. 


Without fully reloading the web pages, the developer can update changes in the application. It also enables the developers to use every module present in the application on both the server and client-side which ultimately reduces the development time. Apart from web development, React.js can develop both Android and iOS apps. It ensures a secure data flaw and enables some values as components. 




It is one of the most powerful and efficient JavaScript frameworks. It is an open-source framework used for developing a single-page application by extending HTML into the application and interpreting the attributes to perform data binding.


Some of its features are mentioned herewith:


  • It has modern web platform capabilities and can give an app-like experience that is high performance and zero-step installation.
  • The same Angular method is used to create desktop-installed apps across Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It can turn templates into codes and give hand-written code benefits.
  • Angular applications load quickly and deliver automatic code-splitting.
  • Create powerful template syntax.
  • The applications created by Angular are easily accessible with ARIA-enabled components, a guide for the developer, and built-in test infrastructure.
  • Angular's intuitive API creates high-performance and animation timelines.




With the coming of Tez, the front-end developers have found a reason to develop the modern Jamstack website. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that is scalable and has blazing speed. It is built after combining the cutting-edge Vue framework with the next-generation front-end tool- Vite and headless CMS - Strapi ( for the back end). 


It creates an amazing developer experience with less configuration. It has been the most efficient and revolutionary framework in recent times. A front-end developer with basic JavaScript knowledge can easily build PWA ready static website. 



It is a modern UI framework that is helpful in the development of web and mobile apps. It allows the developers to get more out of their JavaScript code. 


It has become very important for those developers who are dependent on JavaScript for all their development needs. Using Aurelia, you don't have to write any special code and keywords to make it function. Now you can simply code in JavaScript and use it with Aurelia, you'll find more advanced functionalities at your fingertips.


It is compiled with a lightweight core and a set of well-defined modules. Some of the modules are mentioned herewith:
Aurelia's strong data-binding technology is implemented in the binding library.


View slot, database, custom elements, and other features are supported by the templates.

You can start the Aurelia project with a minimum package such as binding and templating and add more as needed.




It is the fifth most popular JavaScript framework for Web development but is the most versatile framework available currently. Not only versatile, but it is also user-friendly for both programmers and non-programmers. For people who are new to website building, it is easy to learn and adapt. 


It can be learned within a few days if you are familiar with front-end web programming. Folks who work with HTML get into a situation where they need to do complex processes which HTML lacks. This is when Vue comes into the picture.




This framework is based on an isomorphic model that is seamlessly rendering pages from the server to the client side. Node.js build it. MeteorJS is leveraged to create web and cross-platform mobile apps for both Android and iOS. 


It develops real-time web apps such as live video streaming, match scores, a news feed, etc. Before the arrival of Meteor.js, the developers had to put extra effort into both the back-end and front-end along with the database. But now only a single language, JavaScript is used for working on the back-end, front-end, and database.




It was introduced by Google in 2013. The developers can make the modern web faster and easier with Polymer through outstanding and reusable components. It comes with web-component-based elements from which you may create your own customized and reusable elements. 


It simply signifies the back to nature approach as it returns the elements to the center of web development. Using this, the developers can create HTML elements and combine them with comprehensive and scalable digital apps.




Just like its name it helps you organize and maintain JavaScript. Backbone is categorized as an MV* framework which is mostly made up of models and views. The controller is present in the MVC frameworks which reacts to the user inputs and sends messages back to the model or the view. However, with Backbone, the controller functionality is handled within the view. 


Also when you work with Backbone, you can use both back-end and front-end template systems.




It is another powerful open-source JavaScript framework for Web Development that builds scalable single-page applications with the feel of a desktop. It uses a 'Handlebar' that is very helpful in creating dynamic HTML templates.


It is mainly preferred for projects that require a web application with desktop-like UI and experience. Along with this, it entails a single-page website where all the tasks can be done.




Svelte creates fast and scalable web pages. It uses less code and its highly responsive nature makes it very efficient. It is lightweight and ideal for data-intensive or real-time apps which can function across several devices. Unlike other frameworks that perform most of the tasks in the browser, Svelte completes its task 'on the go' in the process of developing an application. At first, it is a compiler and then a UI framework.


It reduces bundle size, provides highly optimized Vanilla JS that makes it lightweight, and an application that runs quickly. It removes the glue code and the boilerplate required for components is very small and is nearly identical to plain HTML/JS. The DOM is updated automatically, you don't have to use extra code for it.

Above mentioned is the JavaScript frameworks list for web development that you must consider. Apart from these, there are many JavaScript frameworks, but for getting your desired result you must pick the best. 


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