A Step by Step Guide to Build a Food Delivery App

Thinking about how to build a food delivery app? Therefore, now is the ideal time to begin making investments in your own food delivery service.

Do you understand why?

Well, these numbers should give you a better idea.

According to Statista:

  • The total income from applications like these was $22,073 Million.
  • This revenue stream will increase to $31,413 Million by 2023.

According to Elluminati Inc

  • More than 58 percent of consumers place the highest value on convenience.

Yes, this is a fantastic moment to learn how to develop a food delivery app. To assist you in understanding how to successfully design a food ordering app, we have created a comprehensive guide.

Some Examples of Food Delivery Apps

Uber Eats

UberEats app logo

When Uber launched UberEats, it was already well-known for its on-demand cab service. The business of food delivery was merely expanded, not started from scratch. The corporation found it simpler to sell the new service as a result.

If you want to make a food delivery app like UberEats you can contact IT Kamtech. One of the most important pieces of advice we can provide you is to give careful consideration to the UI/UX design. When it comes to browsing selections and placing orders, Uber Eats is renowned for its adaptability and ease. There are numerous search options, including those based on location, cuisine, food, and place name. Even dietary limitations can be established by users.


DoorDash app logo

One of the largest networks of partner restaurants in the US and Canada belongs to the service DoorDash. Among the nicest features of the DoorDash app are:

  • Featured restaurants
  • Restaurants with free delivery
  • Restaurants with free offers
  • Popular menu items  in each restaurant
  • Order tracking
  • DoorDash Delight

Restaurant customer happiness is measured using the DoorDash Delight score system. It indicates the caliber of the meal, the quickness of delivery, and the general popularity of the eatery. If you want to build a food delivery app similar to DoorDash, you should seriously consider adding a rating system and curated lists.

Interested in developing an app like DoorDash, Get in Touch


DoorDash app logo

The actual Grubhub app and Seamless are two of the well-known food delivery services that are included with Grubhub. In 2013, these two businesses combined, but Grubhub Inc. chose to preserve the Seamless moniker, along with its unique app and website. The choice was wise because Seamless is a well-established and well-known business that even operates in London.

When it comes to functions, the interface designs of the Grubhub and Seamless applications are essentially identical. The same drivers also provide delivery for both services. The unique aspect of Grubhub and Seamless is that they don't have a set delivery price; instead, fees are associated with particular restaurants and orders.

Want to build a food delivery app like Grubhub? Let us help you.

How do Food Delivery Apps work?

There are many operations taking place in the background when a user clicks the order now button on any food delivery service and continues to pay. Whether it's an app, a freestanding restaurant, a cloud kitchen, or a meal kit delivery facility, how well an app functions relies on its type.

For instance, customers can choose from a list of eateries that have registered on a cloud kitchen app like Zomato. The user proceeds to payment after choosing the food from their preferred eatery. The app gives consumers a wide range of payment methods, including credit card, debit card, net banking, and many more. The app shows the user a confirmation when the payment is successfully completed.

The app alerts the eatery about their version of the app at the same time. The restaurant notifies the nearest delivery partners using their specific app while it is preparing your order. Once at the restaurant, the delivery partner waits for the order to be prepared for pickup. When the restaurant has completed the order, it notifies the customers and gives the food to the delivery company. Users are informed when the delivery partner arrives at their location, and they have the option to phone both the restaurant and the delivery partner if there is a delay or any other problem.

The app informs the restaurant that the food has been delivered to the user. Users can now rate the meal, restaurant, and delivery partner once the order's status has changed from on the way to delivery. Most of these food ordering apps offer 24/7 online chat help in case of any problems. 

What are The Types of a Food Delivery App?

Aggregators, new delivery apps, and fully integrated models are the three different kinds of food delivery applications.

Aggregator Apps: Third-party apps, or aggregate apps, are another name for them. Customers place orders and wait for delivery from the delivery service at the majority of small restaurants. This option would be perfect for you if you are a small restaurant owner with little web visibility.

New Delivery Apps: Restaurants are not required to employ their own delivery companies in this form of food delivery. For restaurants who have either not yet launched their own delivery service or just cannot afford it, this is the best choice.

Full-stack Food Delivery App: This app represents total delivery solutions, including order management, delivery partner management, and order assignment. Everything is easily manageable.

Features of food delivery applications

As you can see, there are various kinds of food delivery apps, and as a result, the features of each type may significantly vary depending on the responsibilities and objectives of the app in question.

Customer applications, courier apps, and retailer apps are all available. Applications occasionally have different panels if they are simultaneously aimed at many audiences.

What functions should a customer app offer?

  • Menu
  • Search for restaurants and food
  • Cart
  • Payment gateways
  • Order management and statistics
  • Reviews
  • Delivery tracking

What features are essential for couriers?

  • Order tracking and management
  • Navigation
  • GPS tracking
  • Transaction history
  • Online support
  • Payment withdrawal

Features for merchant apps (restaurant panel):

  • Dashboard
  • Order list
  • Order management
  • Payments
  • Sales reports

Every app ought to have an admin section with the tools needed to handle payments, manage orders, goods, and customers.

Key steps to consider While building a food delivery app

You should take into account the following factors before starting the food delivery app development process.

Keep Informed with Market Trends

Since consumers are lured to "hot" applications that offer fashionable features, trends play a significant influence in the food delivery sector. If you don't incorporate these new features, you'll lose clients.

It's great if you first figure out what your customers want. What features do clients desire from food delivery services? Think about incorporating smartwatches, virtual assistants, and social media.

Analyze the Market You Want.

You must first determine the needs of your target market in order to create a food delivery app that meets those objectives. Create a demographic profile of the audience, focusing on elements like age, gender, nation, and wealth, at the very least.

Determine the Key App Features

During food delivery app development you should include a few key features, like registration and login. Can users, for instance, log in with their social media credentials? Search should also be taken into consideration. Other crucial elements include ordering, payment alerts, order tracking, reviews, and ratings.

Making Technology Selections for Development

To implement diverse functionality, you'll require a number of technologies. For instance, you'll need the Grubhub or FourSquare APIs if you wish to list restaurants. Use well-known payment gateways like Square API, Braintree, Stripe, and PayPal in the meantime to accept and process payments.

Your food delivery app must also have technologies that can determine the user's location. The Core Location Framework, Google Maps, and Google Places API are all fantastic options. Finally, Amazon SNS, Urban Airship, and Firebase Cloud Messaging are some additional well-liked push alert technologies.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Food Delivery App

How much does it cost to construct food delivery apps or how much money will this app need? are two separate questions that are virtually always easy for start-up owners to answer. Various factors can affect how much it costs to create a food delivery app.

The range of functionality you want to include in your food ordering app will largely determine food delivery app development cost.

The first is the functional spectrum. A straightforward platform with few tools will be less expensive. However, the cost of app development will undoubtedly increase if you want your app to integrate a wide variety of features. The platforms for iOS and Android mobile app development are a further issue.

The overall cost of an app can also be impacted by the design. Compact design principles will indicate a greater cost.

  • Project Manager
  • Designer – UX/UI designer
  • Developer – Android App Developer & iOS App Developer
  • Tester
  • Marketing


In this article we’ve discussed how to build a food delivery app and some other factors like the key features to consider while developing a food delivery app, the cost and the types of a food delivery app. 

So please get in touch with IT Kamtech if you wish to get your business online. Our knowledgeable team is qualified to expand your company in accordance with the most recent trends and evolving industry standards.


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