How to Build an App Similar to Hey Email?

Due to technical improvements, email service applications are becoming increasingly popular. Today, we send or receive more than 10 emails every day on average, which is enormous on a worldwide scale.

According to some reports, the email app market will be worth $47 billion in 2023 and will continue to grow significantly. The email app industry is predicted to grow at a 17 percent annual rate from 2022to 2026. There are plenty of email service apps available on the market. Hey Email is one of the most popular of them.

Today, we'll talk about how to make an app like Hey Email.

Let's start with the basics, shall we?

What is Hey Email App and How does it Work?

Hey Email is a ground-breaking email app from Basecamp that aims to help you get more from your inbox. It enables you to segment emails for newsletters and delivery alerts, as well as screen emails in the same manner that phone calls are screened. Hey Email solves one of the most common problems with email by automatically classifying it as it arrives, allowing users to distinguish between a marketing email from a store they visited years ago and an urgent notice from their workplace. Scanning the Inbox (a function of the Hey Email app) is a good way to find out what's important if users only have five minutes. Users can go back to their feed later in the week to catch up on any missed newsletters.

Apart from this, an app like Hey Email has a number of other advantages such as: 

  • The ability to integrate multiple emails about the same subject into a single thread if they all originate from the same individual.
  • Users can transfer large files straight from the Hey Email app without relying on third-party programmes.
  • Tracking tags are deactivated by default.
  • In whatever email you get, include a personal note.
  • All attachments are kept in a library so that users can find the file they need, not the email that sent it.  

Let's go on to the next section of this blog, which is,

Things to Consider While Developing an Email Service App?

1. Market Research

You should undertake considerable market research before beginning to develop an app. As soon as you finish the app-designing course, start observing the market. You'll obtain a deeper knowledge of the end-desired user's and preferences over time. 

In addition, detailed market research may help you decide whether to develop an iOS or Android app. Because the proportion of Android users vary greatly from that of iOS users, your earnings may also change. You will gain a better grasp of your group's tastes, attitudes, and trends as a result of this. This knowledge will enable you to avoid the mistakes made by your competition and create an application that fulfills all of your market's criteria.

2. Study Your Rivals

You can identify the USPs of the competition's greatest performers by studying the competition. This research can provide you a rough idea of where your smartphone app is right now. Aside from that, you'll be able to identify the parts of your mobile app that aren't required, saving time on trial and error or A/B testing.

3. Improve Your UI/UX Design 

The main purpose of an application's design is to provide a streamlined, smooth, and intuitive user experience. The success of a mobile application is defined by how well consumers accept and utilize all of the app's features. The goal of mobile app UI/UX design is to create excellent user experiences that make your software dynamic, intuitive, and easy to use. While attractive UI designs will help with early adoption, the user experience of your app must be intuitive to keep people engaged. Wireframes can also be used. Color schemes and styles are less important in wireframes than aesthetics and user experience. Wireframes are an easy and cost-effective way to create app layouts and iterate on them during the design review process. When creating wireframes, you must keep the device's layout in mind.

4. Cross-Platform App Development is a Good Option to Go After 

Any software that can run on various platforms, such as iOS, Windows, and Android, is known as a cross-platform app. Always keep in mind that creating a cross-platform game is more enjoyable. Furthermore, you will only have to write the code once while developing cross-platform apps. As a result, you can save a lot of time, and the programmes are really easy to design and run. Because no proprietary frameworks are required, cross-platform software development saves money. In terms of the finished product, you may quickly test an app like Hey Email and publish it in a timely manner. However, make sure that your app meets the UX standards as well, since this will help your app rank higher in the app store.

5. Create a Minimum Viable Product

The MVP is a stripped-down version of your app that only includes the most essential features. Following the completion of your MVP project, you'll iterate by getting feedback from your target audience, adding missing features, improving existing ones, and repeating until your app is complete. Overall, this strategy can be applied to almost any type of product development. It's a good idea to invest some money in a working model early on so that future users may provide meaningful feedback. If you want to collect relevant feedback and learn about consumer needs and wants before fully developing your product, then MVP strategy is ideal. Make sure you choose the right MVP type for your project and focus on what makes your idea unique.

As you can see, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind when designing an email service app.

Let's move on and talk about it now.

What is the Cost to Developing an App similar to Hey Email?

The cost of developing and designing an application has been the subject of numerous studies.

A number of factors influence the price, including:

  • Complexity
  • Platforms
  • Functionalities and features
  • A mobile app development company's development rates

These are the elements that drive up the price of creating a mobile app. If you prefer, you may get a detailed price from a reputable mobile app development company or contact us directly. We work with companies and customers all over the world. IT Kamtech is regarded as one of the industry's most essential mobile app development companies.


Email is used widely in modern corporate communication. Business innovations in the area of digitization are propelling growth. As there is a continuing desire for internet communication, email apps will surely grow in popularity. The market share of email service apps is projected to alter in the coming years due to the rapid expansion of email applications. Partnering with the top mobile app development company is critical if you want to produce an app like Hey Email. You can certainly contact us to discuss plans to develop an app similar to Hey Email.


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